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Women’s Fitness Fashion – Past to Present

Women’s Fitness Fashion – Past to Present

by Kathie FitzPatrick

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Women’s Modern Day Fitness Look

To say that women’s gym fashions have come through a big metamorphic change since the 1970’s or so up to the present, is certainly an understatement.  Sorry to say, I actually do remember Those years.  I loved going to the fashionable Jack LaLanne European Health Spa in my home town of Walnut Creek, California.  Physical fitness icon, Jack LaLanne, as the Owner-Manager, was a frequent visitor there.  One time as he was doing a media promotion inside the gym, he called out to me,

     “Kathie you are the epitome of what this place is all about!”  Wow, what a complement.  I blushed a bit.

     “Thanks Jack!”  I was exercising on the equipment, can’t even remember what now.  In my 20’s, I was sporting a near-perfect starlet figure back then. I remember much like the other women I was wearing a workout outfit that look more like dance or ballet wear.  This was comprised of a leotard and tights.  It was common to wear no shoes at that location, just stocking feet.  I hate to bring this up also.  Somewhere on the third floor of my house, in a storage box I think I even have a few of those outfits in a box.  No, I’m not putting them on.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

You can read more about my famous fitness icon friend Jack Lanne, here:

     It seemed like as far as exercise goes, women went to the gym  to work out with their friends, or just exercised outside with various sports.  Brisk walking outside was somewhat common .  Riding a nice “ten speed,” or other high tech bike on bicycle trails was even more common and popular.  As far as clothes, anything from t-shirts to shorts and pedal pushers were commonly worn. No special clothing for bicycling unless you were a serious competitor in cycling sports.  More specialized clothing for cycling began to appear in the 1980’s onward. .Also, back then (1970’s)  you hardly ever saw people wearing helmets like you do now.

     In the 1990’s, I loved to spend time at my sister’s house in Laguna Beach, California.  We loved our walks outside on the beach and her neighborhood near the main beach.  We had a favorite route in the morning that sometimes took in LaBrisis restaurant for breakfast or lunch before the mid-day was out . However, we also loved to go spend time at Laguna Girls’ Gym.  In that culture, it became so prevalent to excise outside in that land of everlasting summer, that our beloved Laguna Girls’ Gym did close by the mid 2000’s.  Women were more into exercising outdoors and playing beach volleyball.  Even when my daughter Karen Lee went to visit my sister Suzanne in Laguna for her graduation present, I told her to be sure she went to Laguna Girls’ Gym while she was there.  However, the photos that came home revealed her playing beach volleyball tournaments on the main beach instead. Who could blame her?  No special clothing, by the way. T-shirts,  swim suits and shorts were the comfort clothing of choice.  No tennis shoes, only happy bare feet were allowed!

   One big difference in the fitness clothing of today, is that it can easily double for streetwear.  Those modern leggings are really cute with long tunics and jackets for the office look.  Add a pair of high heels and you are really sparkin’!  In the Winter it’s fun to wear a big long sweater with leggings and some high heeled boots. Also popular, is to add some really pretty natural stone costume jewelry, and a bracelet or long necklace, or two!

    I’m well past my twenties, but this look works well  for just about any age.   It’s comfortable , too.

     Here’s a link to entertain you on past and present looks in the women’s fitness fashion era. Special thanks to for giving us something to make us smile!      Now if you want to get a hold of some of these current and trendy fun fitness fashions for yourself, you can shop here:  Great prices. FREE SHIPPING TOO!

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Women's Fitness Fashion - Past to Present
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