Top 10 Favorite Massage Chairs for 2021

This year, bring the Massage Chair home to your house!

Why Consider a Massage Chair?

Chair massagers are terrific for alleviating tired aching muscles, improving blood circulation and reducing stress. A quality massage can help you wind down after a busy day and contribute to both your physical and mental well being. Having a mechanized chair do the work of soothing your sore body can save you plenty of money over regular visits to the massage therapists office or spa.

You just can’t beat being able to enjoy a quality massage whenever you want – from the comfort of home. It takes convenience and comfort to a whole new level. In this article, we review an extensive selection of the best massage chairs in a wide variety of price ranges.

We spent 34 intense hours checking and testing every massage chair we could find. What we discovered through our research was shocking. And the time we invested can save you weeks of research, thousands of lost dollars and the endless frustration of choosing a product that just didn’t deliver as expected. Our highest-rated and favorite massage chair is this one.

Number 1: Osaki OS4000T Gravity Massage Chair

rsz_osaki_s4000T_gravity_massage chair.jpg
Enjoy The Amazing Osaki OS4000T Gravity Massage Chair

The Osaki OS 4000 is a fully functioning zero gravity massage chair that features body scan technology that adjusts the rollers to the individual. It automatically detects the natural curvature of the spine, so you get a deep invigorating massage every time. Osaki’s massage chair is a zero gravity chair, which means it elevates the legs above the heart position, which more evenly distributes the weight of the user. It also improves circulation and blood oxygen levels throughout the body. At the same time, it expands one’s lung capacity. Computerized body scanning means that the Osaki massage chair conforms to the individual’s body, optimizing its performance. A built-in smart roller tracks the curvature of the spine and adjusts accordingly. The result is a customized massage that feels just right. In a sense, the Osaki is a smart massage chair, capable of giving you the ultimate, personalized massage.

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Personal Massage

The OS 4000 also comes equipped with 46 multi-layered airbags to massage you everywhere. It features rollers that go under your feet to give a deeper, more thorough foot massage. It also sports a remote control and LCD display that makes controlling the various functions easy and quick.

The Osaki chair sits in a zero gravity position, which is the ideal position for a full body massage. In this position you get improved circulation and less muscle tension. So you’re able to enjoy your massage that much more. It also means there’s less pressure of the spine, since you’re in a comfortable, almost weightless position.

Heat therapy is also included, with two built-in heating pads – one on each side of the lower back – to warm those muscles and provide a more therapeutic massage.

Combing Massage techniques

Combining six different massage techniques including shiatsu, Swedish, kneading, clapping, rolling, plus a combination of techniques, this one delivers a thoroughly massage to the upper body, shoulders, neck, back, and lumbar area. It also massages the butt, thighs, calves and feet.

The OS-4000T massage chair comes pre-programmed with six programs, including healthcare, therapy, circulation, relax mode, smart, and demo. Five different speed and intensity settings mean you can set the massage anyway you like. You can also manually adjust the massage and select from three different functions – complete body, partial, or fixed area – to get those really sore spots.

Kneading foot rollers on the Osaki are another plus. A lot of chair massagers only feature airbag compression on the feet – if they have any foot function at all. But the OS-4000 has both airbags and foot roller – so you can enjoy a deeper, more thorough massage every time.

You get a three year warranty that covers parts, labor and structural framework for the first year. Parts and structural framework are covered in the second year. By the third-year, only the structural framework is covered. You can also extend it to a four or five year warranty at the time of purchase.

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rsz_osaki_s4000T_gravity_massage chair.jpg
Enjoy The Amazing Osak iOS4000T Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Osaki’s OS 4000T is an upgraded version of the original massage chair that essentially put Osaki on the map. They have since earned a reputation for producing quality massage chairs.

* * * *

Number 2: Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

 Relaxon-massager-chair.jpg December 7, 2019 54 KB 1000 by 1000 pixels Edit Image
Enjoy the Relaxon-Massage Chair at your house!

Most people realize that in order get a quality massage chair – it’s going to cost some money. But what surprised us most about the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus is that it provides a high-quality, full body massage in a zero gravity chair – at a price that’s surprisingly affordable – compared to many competing models.

In a nutshell, this shiatsu massaging chair offers three different zero gravity positions, four automated preset programs, and five different massage styles.

Relaxonchair is a comfortable massage chair that also features lumbar back heating for a more thorough and soothing massage. Using a chair like this can actually improve your posture. Though the remote is somewhat large, it’s also quite useful and easy to see and read. This makes is more senior-friendly than others.

Relaxonchair’s shiatsu massage chair also comes with foot rollers, which according to some users can be a little too intense. So it may require adding an extra cushion between your feet and the rollers.

Zero gravity massage chairs like this one elevate your feet slightly above the heart. This minimizes the strain on your vertebrae and relieves back discomfort. It also means your heart needs to work less, so you can relax and enjoy your massage that much more.

There are a couple of things that really stand out on the Relaxonchair model. For one, it’s lightweight, so mobility is that much easier. It’s also thoughtfully designed and user friendly. The soft synthetic leather cover seems to be a higher quality then you’ll find on several competing chairs.

As a massager, this one delivers both deep tissue massages and full body stretching. Its stretching capability is particularly effective. Air pillows hold your body in place while the chair slowly stretches out the leg and back muscles. Its safe spinal decompression operated from the full-size remote controller.

The Relaxonchair MK is available in gray as well. Click here to buy

Relaxonchair in Gray – Picture yourself here!

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Lower back pain sufferers will come to appreciate the innovative L track system on the Relaxonchair. With dual rollers that slide all the way from the upper back down below the seat, giving you a through back massage. If you routinely experience lower back pain, you’ll find relief here. Even those suffering from the effects of sciatica have given this shiatsu massaging chair full marks.

Relaxonchair comes with a limited three-year warranty. Parts and labor are covered for the first year. But in the second year, only parts are covered. For the third year, only the structural framework of the chair is warranted.

Another notable difference on this shiatsu massage chair is it’s going to fit most people. It may be a snug fit for larger body types though. But it certainly is more accommodating then other massage chairs that only seem to fit smaller adults and children.

As a massage chair, this one quite comfortable and it really stretches you out so you feel good. But it’s not comfortable as a recliner only. When you purchase this chair, you’re doing so for its massage value – not to add a secondary piece of furniture to your living room for watching TV or reading.

It’s relatively easy to set up and there are built-in wheels on the back. So once you have it on the right floor, it’s easy to move it around.

* * * *

Number 3:  Ootori Massage Chair Recliner – A Cheap Massage Chair That Delivers

Ootori-cheap-massage-chair.jpg December 7, 2019 136 KB 1500 by 1500 pixel
The Ootori Massage Chair-Affordable

The Ootori offers multiple airbags, extendable leg rest, and lower back heat. And it operates in zero gravity mode for a complete full body massage. Zero gravity positioning alleviates pressure on the spine and stimulates blood flow. It also put you in a more relaxed and comfortable position where you can thoroughly enjoy your massage.

There are three stages to
the zero gravity settings and what it really does is helps you relax – not just physically but mentally too. It’s designed to accommodate people up to 350 pounds and 6’1″in height. But it’s not adjustable in the way that other massage chairs are.

Like most massage chairs, the Ootori is sold unassembled. So be prepared to spend a little bit of time putting it all together. Although it comes in three separate boxes, once you have it together it’s one of the lighter massage chairs out there – weighing about 220 pounds. It’s recommended that you get some help and don’t try lugging any chair massager around yourself. With two people, it’s much easier to bring the boxes inside and put the unit together – in the room you want it located.

The outstanding price on the Ootori zero gravity massage chair makes this an exceptional value. It’s a cost-effective solution in a massage chair that supplies zero gravity design, full body massaging, lower back heat, calf massages, extendable leg rest and rollers for the feet.

This affordable massage chair comes with eight massage rollers and 34 built-in airbags. Six massage modes are built-in and they include air pressure, heating mode, knocking, needing, tapping, and shiatsu massage.

Airbags built into the Ootori are included in the seat, calf, foot and back area and when used with the roller system provide a soothing massage.

Adding to its versatility, the Ootori massage chair can also be used effectively as a recliner. So go ahead and take a nap, watch a movie, or read a book when not using the massage function of the chair.

With two built-in heating pads in the lumbar region, the Ootori helps improve blood circulation throughout the body. It also increases the flow of oxygen while providing essential nutrients to the muscles. This in turn helps heal damaged tissue more expediently.

It’s particularly effective in massaging the feet. Multiple airbags around the legs and feet provide compression massage. Foot rollers move backward and forward to soothe the soles and heels of your feet. You’ll relax both physically and mentally in the zero gravity position and get a thorough massage as you feel near weightlessness.

Anyone looking for a soothing massage – anytime of day or night – would be interested in the Ootori. It’s ideal for easing muscle tension. Those folks with disc or other lower back problems will surely enjoy this too. If you’re looking to enjoy deep tissue massage – this one is worthy of your consideration.

Buy your

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Number 4. Kahuna SM-7300S Gravity Massage Chair

Kahuna builds a quality massage chair with a six wheel roller system and SL track technology. This ensures a complete body massage, with an emphasis on the key areas of the back and shoulders. Its roller system provides a strong massage, increasing blood flow and providing a more invigorating and rejuvenating experience. Kahuna scores an impressive 4.5 out of 5 possible stars from a significant number of customer ratings. The warranty offered by Kahuna is two years – with all parts and labor included.

Not to be outdone be competitors, Kahuna delivers nine automatic programs in total built right into its massage chairs. These include yoga stretching, pain relief, fast recovery, relaxation, and athlete mode. Special programs include settings designed specifically for the office person, senior, or golfer. There’s also a “dynamic” mode. These unique programs provide specialized massage including tapping, knocking, kneading, tapping and knocking, plus shiatsu massage over the entire body – or limited to a select area that’s particularly sore.

Kahuna is made to accommodate people up to 6’5″ tall and 320 pounds in weight. That’s a considerable size capacity, compared to most other models these days. Overall chair dimensions measure 48″ x 28″ x 47″.

The 21 inch width seating and 24 inch wide shoulder area – plus the 12 inch leg extension – are what allows larger folks to enjoy Kahuna massage chairs like everyone else. Despite being suitable for larger frames and body types, it doesn’t mean that it’s not meant for everybody.  Smaller people should not ignore Kahuna chairs because they can accommodate average body sizes just as well.

Additionally, Kahuna offers acupressure point massage, wraps around calf and foot massage, and air cell massage around the hip area. It offers zero gravity massaging in a cool, space-saving design.

Kahuna massage chairs also feature an LED design on the outside, heat therapy, and improved LCD remote control, zippered leg extension cover. And you can set your massage for anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes in duration. By the way, the LED side lights may be stylish to some and overkill to others. While they look pretty cool, thee lights serve no real advantage. And if you want to have a massage in total darkness – well that’s not going to happen with this chair.

You can count on a solid massage from the Kahuna with its ergonomic, structural design. Not only does it feel great, but this massage chair is designed to fit in any space in your home. Surprisingly, it requires only 3 inches from the wall when moving to the zero gravity position. So you can align your chair with other furnishings in the room, without requiring a lot of extra space.

Most massage chairs simply fold out occupying considerably more space in the foldout position then went upright. With space saving technology, Kahuna massage chairs actually slide forward while reclining. This doesn’t require extra space in the back.

It’s not uncommon for buyers of this particular model to also consider purchasing a Brookstone massage chair. But a side-by-side comparison shows that this one offers much more at a lower price point. And it looks like Brookstone has gone belly-up, so you likely won’t find many new ones around.

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As with most massage chairs (and virtually any other thing that you buy these days requiring assembly) the instructions leave a lot to be desired. Therefore, it’s a good idea to allow yourself 45 minutes to an hour to get everything together and functioning as it should. Don’t expect to open the box and enjoy a massage immediately after. It can take a while.

The quality of the massage you get from a Kahuna is superb. Six rollers, airbags, and the foot rollers all work in conjunction to provide an enriching massage experience. Even at medium intensity, most users find this chair massager provides a deep and satisfying massage.

One thing is certain, after using a Kahuna massage chair you’re going to be able to enjoy a more relaxing comfortable sleep.

Kahuna offers a good combination of reasonable price and variety of features. Therefore, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the overall value that Kahuna provides.

Zero gravity massage chairs like this one make it easy to get comfortable in a reclined position and experience a full body massage, where all the pressure points are soothed. The key to a good back massage is to make sure that the rollers are hitting all those sore spots. That’s the key to maximum therapeutic benefit. Before the massage begins, the Kahuna massage chair conducts a computer scan of your body. It then repositions the rollers to ensure that they fit your body size -so you can experience maximum therapeutic benefit every time you get into the chair.

* * * *

Number 5: Real Relax Massage Chair Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Chair

Real Relax massage Chair

The Real Relax massage chair is one of the more affordable options on the market today. Surprisingly, (or not) it scores a solid 4.4 out of 5 possible stars – from well over 500 actual customer reviews.

While it doesn’t have a lot of the features that the more expensive massage chairs do, this one provides a decent quality massage experience, despite its lower than expected price point.

This shiatsu chair massager is one of very few cheaper models to make it to our top 10 list. Despite the low price, this Real Relax Massage Chair provides a quality mix of features and massage techniques that are quite effective.

More air bags than most? It’s true. The Real Relax massager features 50 airbags located throughout the chair to treat the shoulders, back, arms, hips, calves, and feet. Since it’s a zero gravity chair, you feel almost weightless as you relax and enjoy the experience completely from head to toe.

Real Relax supplies numerous preset automatic modes in addition to the manual settings that permit users to narrow their choice of massage down to specific locations on the body.

Roller speeds can be adjusted to three different levels – as can the intensity of pressure delivered by the air bags.

We found this chair reasonably easy to assemble. In total, it’s a job that can usually be done in about 30 minute’s time. Weight capacity on this zero gravity shiatsu massage chair is surprising at a whopping 400 pounds. But the recommended height limit is capped to 6’1″.

What you’re getting with a Real Relax Massage Chair is an ergonomic design that comfortably supports for your entire body throughout your massage. Most massage chair heaters only warm up the lower back. But the heating function on this model applies to both the lower back and feet.

It ships in two boxes and includes a user guide. There’s also a video you can watch that has helped numerous buyers figure it all out. It’s relatively easy to install though. Once you get it on the floor, moving this massage chair around is a breeze, thanks to the two built-in wheels on the back of the unit.

This chair continued to impress the more we explored. As it turns out, the Real Relax massager also makes an excellent recliner – when not being used as a massage chair. Simply put a blanket on the back rest and you can sit comfortably while you read a book or watch television. Give its bargain price, this is an unexpected advantage.

Here are few points you can file in the “things to be aware of” compartment. Some say the pressure from the airbags on the legs is too strong, even on the lowest setting. Other users have commented that this massager puts a little too much pressure on the lower back area and that the rollers can be a little hard on the base of the spine. Someone suggested that the neck rollers are not the best on this particular chair. Another claimed the remote control was a bit basic. None of these are fatal flaws in our opinion. But it’s good to know just the same.

What you’re getting is a stylish chair that looks pretty cool in any room. If you can withstand a vigorous massage on a regular basis – this will do the trick – and save you considerable money in the process. It can even accommodate those taller quite comfortably it really just depends on your overall body shape.

This massage chair is relatively easy to assemble by yourself. So there’s no need to hire an outside installer. It stands up well over repeated use too.

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Number 6: Forever Rest FR-5Ks Premier Back Saver Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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Anyone suffering from frequent back pain would be wise to give the Forever Rest massage chair a closer look. It’s a zero gravity massage chair that puts the body in a position where you are comfortable and relaxed. This position also encourages proper blood circulation for a more thorough, deep tissue massage. In fact, we predict users of any of our recommended zero gravity massage chairs will encounter many “AHHH” moments in their future.

Forever rest chairs provide both acupressure massage and roller massage. With seven variations of massage techniques including needing, rolling, knocking, shiatsu, vibrating seat massage, tapping, and a combination of tapping and knocking – you’ll be treated well with a near hands-on massage experience.

This shiatsu gravity massage chair also comes with four preset modes including: stretch, relax, recover, and swing mode. The simple fact that it’s an affordable massage chair should make it one worth considering.

How confident is Forever Rest in their product?  Well, their warranty is one of the stronger ones we found. It actually covers everything for three years – including the electronics. While the body and frame is protected by a five year warranty.

If you suffer from an aching back on a frequent basis, this chair can be a lifesaver. Get it and get comfortable. And let the soothing begin.

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Number 7: Ideal Massage Full-Featured Shiatsu Chair

Ideal Massage Chair

Ideal offers a cheap massage chair with a fair bit of variety through four automatic settings and four different massage methods. It’s a zero gravity shiatsu chair that provides body scanning and three different positions, providing you with a terrific massage. Heating pads in the lower back area provide additional comfort and help the muscles relax.

Despite it being a discount massage chair, Ideal offers a stronger warranty than most and a higher degree of peace of mind. You get three years for the steel frame, body PLUS three years for all electronic parts. That’s impressive.

Like all of these full-size massage chairs this one can be a little awkward to get inside your home. But it’s a task that is much simpler with two able-bodied (strong) adults. Once your zero gravity shiatsu massager is in place in the correct location – you should not have to worry moving it around much.

It’s mostly preassembled. So the small part you have to do is quick and easy. There are just a handful of screws and a couple of connections to make. Then you’re good to go.

If you’re the type of person he prefers a softer or medium pressure massages rather than a hard deep tissue massage then you’ll probably be quite content with the Ideal shiatsu recliner massage chair. This kind of shiatsu massage feels great on the back and you can adjust the intensity by adding a pillow or two. The foot rollers do not move up and down the feet and instead, stay in position.

This is one discount massage chair that seems to be quite durable – standing up to daily use for more than a couple of years for at least a couple of customers.

Surprisingly, this one has most of the features you would expect in a massage chair that cost $4000 or more. And here you can enjoy those kinds of treatments at home – for a whole lot less.

In the manual mode, you have total control. So you can customize your massage to suit you perfectly. The heating elements work quite well to provide that extra warmth to your lower back. The strength and intensity of the massage is adequate for a lot of people. Overall, the price to value ratio seems superior to a lot of models out there today.

Manual mode allows you to zoom in on specific parts of the back shoulder arms or legs to really work those areas. The zero gravity works quite well and the controls are easy to use. The Ideal massager does an excellent job of massaging the back. But it doesn’t seem to be as thorough on the shoulders or neck.

One thing that’s lacking on this model is the stretch option available on several others. Some customers complain that the rollers dig a little too deep into the hip and lower back area. It’s also a little noisier than other models we tested. Despite these shortcomings, this chair is still worth your consideration.

When you simply can’t justify spending several thousand dollars for a zero gravity shiatsu massaging chair, this can make an excellent alternative.

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Number 8: Human Touch Ijoy Reclining Massage Chair

The IJoy Massage Chair

Human Touch’s Ijoy massage chair is another reasonably priced massager that gets the job done and will be more than adequate for most people. There are three straightforward massage programs offered – the back refresher, neck and shoulder relief, and lower back relief.

You can experience percussion, kneading and rolling. The Human Touch Ijoy 2.1 reclining massage chair is one of the best massage chairs we found in the under $1000 category. But this one is probably best suited to those six feet in height – or less.

The Ijoy is little more compact than most massage chairs. Therefore, it occupies minimum space, making it perfect for smaller rooms. It reclines easily via an accessible reclining strap, so you can find the positioning that feels just right for you. Zippered side pockets are convenient for storing books magazines phones reading tablets etc. This is a nice touch that surprisingly few competitors have either noticed or adapted to include in their own massage chairs.

If you need to relax and soothe the body and mind after a tough day at work, or you need to find some comfort and relax after a hard workout – this can be the chair for you. The rollers on the Ijoy can really penetrate to get to those tight and sore muscles. It will help you unwind and refresh – quickly and efficiently.

This is one of the lighter massage chairs available weighing in at just 60 pounds.
This is an excellent space-saving option that’s inexpensive and does the job from the neck down. It provides a somewhat firm pressure massage without being a real deep tissue massage.

Overall, this is a good chair at a fair price. You can’t expect the same build quality in a $1000 chair that you would find in a $5000 chair. If you want something that does the job, helps you relax and feel better, than this can certainly fit the bill.

You’ll only want to use this chair for massages. That’s because it’s just not a comfortable fit as a regular recliner. There’s also no foot rest on this chair, which is one of the reasons why it’s as compact as it is. There’s also a weight limit of 200 pounds, so if you’re pushing the capacity or over it, you’re better off to steer clear and choose another option instead.

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Number 9: Cozzia Massage Chair

The Cozzia Massage Chair

Cozzia massage chairs offer an excellent overall massage with numerous customization options. This model features several air bags located throughout the chair. It’s also quite easy to use once you get used to it. It’s also a comfortable chair to have a massage in.

The Cozzia isn’t for everybody as it’s a more expensive chair than several other brands we looked at. But for anybody who suffers with chronic back pain and can afford the slightly higher price – you’re going to love this one. Also, Cozzia massage chairs seem to be best for those 6’ 2” – and under.

The Cozzia combines warm air technology along with the rollers. This is quite unique and what it means is that you get not just the comfort of the warmth from built-in heating pads, but you get to experience the heat from the neck all the way down to your lower back. It’s an awesome massage that will relieve any muscle tension quickly.

. There are 15 automatic programs and you can fully adjust this chair to your liking. It’s easily one of the better chairs on the market. And while little more expensive, frankly, after noting all the advanced features, we were actually expecting a higher price tag on this chair.

The Cozzia offers five levels of adjustability and numerous massage techniques including Swedish, shiatsu, kneading, clapping, tapping, rolling, dual action, vibration, and tri-action massages. And you can customize the speed, intensity, and strength of the massage to suit.

As you might expect from a more expensive massage chair, Cozzia scans your body to determine your height and adjust the massage area to fit you perfectly. Its S-shaped support conforms to your body shape.

You can set your massage to last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. And it’s easy to control the chair from a fully recline position. The LCD display shows the features that are currently activated, so you can quickly discover your personal preferences.

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* * * *

Number 10: Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Comfier Shiatsu Neck and back Massager

Of all the massagers we tested, this is by far the least expensive. But don’t let the low-price fool you. For what it’s worth, it can certainly help ease any discomfort and provide a somewhat invigorating massage experience. The reason it’s such a cheap massage chair is that it’s not a complete chair – but a simple addition you can place on any other supporting chair.

What’s really great about the Comfier Shiatsu is that you can use it on any chair – sofa, couch, loveseat, or high-back kitchen chair – take you pick. Wherever you choose to, you can experience a decent massage. This means you can take it with you on your travels.

You can target any area – upper back, lower back or use the spot feature to really zoom in and pinpoint one area that needs attention.

This massager comes equipped with airbags that deliver air compression massage to your waist and thighs. Air compression therapy works by squeezing, holding, and releasing the various parts of the body. This effectively alleviates muscle tightness and provides soothing comfort.

The Comfier shiatsu neck and back massager has three different intensity level settings.

Clearly this is a bargain price compared to most stationary reclining massagers. It’s easily portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Thanks to the low price (relative to full-size massage chairs) this one makes an excellent gift.

Also because this is a small, portable unit, there’s nothing to install of set up. Simply unbox your Comfier Shiatsu, plug it in, and enjoy.

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Now, I am adding a bonus here! The title of this article is “The Top 10 Favorite Massage Chairs.” Favorite is different than top 10 best. The best are not always the most Favorite. Often the reason is price.

If you want to know the top #1 Massage Chair in the opinion of many reviewers and experts on the topic, it’s the Loraco Massage Chair i7. It’s not in the top 10 favorites because it’s the most expensive. If money is no object, then read on!

The Loraco Massage Chair: Irobotics i7 is the Ultimate Massage Chair

The Loraco Massage Chair: Irobotics i7

Irobotics i7 by Loraco provides the most amazing massage experience you can get from a massage chair. Though there are several high-priced massage chairs on the market – this is probably the best experience you’ll ever find, outside of a registered massage therapists office.

It’s the only massage chair in our list that is fully made in the United States. That says something right there about the quality of workmanship and the functionality you can expect.

Irobotics i7 is easily controlled by a handheld touch-screen remote control. It’s extremely durable and exceptionally easy to use with its user-friendly interface. There are nine automatic settings to the massager, including: health, soft, quick night morning, sport, shiatsu stretch and TV. Thos Luraco massage chair uses advanced technology and has a five user memory storage. This is huge because once you find the combination of settings that produces those deeply pleasurable moans and groans – you can easily go back there – any time you choose with the push of a button. Luraco’s Irobotics i7 also completes a full body scan before your massage is activated. This helps ensure optimal settings.

The remote control operates much like a smart phone. The rolling track on the Irobotic i7 is a full 32 inches – so it goes from your neck all the way down to your butt, providing a full massage.

Also included are mechanical foot rollers as well as Bluetooth technology with built-in speakers. Does life get any better than this?

In a hurry? Click here to buy the Loraco Massage Chair i7 here now on Amazon!

As you would expect from such a high-end massage chair this one comes with a thorough warranty that provides full coverage and in home service for a solid three years. The warranty alone makes it worthwhile – if you are a regular massage lover. You could use this incredible massage chair every day and be guaranteed three years of virtually uninterrupted use. How much money would that save you, versus going to the massage therapist or exclusive downtown spa?

This fine quality luxury chair massager has a ton of features including independent massage adjustment capability, enhanced variable speed controls, LS track advanced roller system, unparalleled stretch capability, three different heat zones, PLUS whisper quiet technology.

Overall, this is a superb massage chair that’s super quiet. Its quality is unmatched and the awesome treatment it provides will leave you feeling fully relaxed and invigorated.

Of all the massage chairs we tested this one ranks highest for the quality of the massage – particularly on the neck and shoulder areas. If these are problem zones for you – we highly recommend this massager. Of course, it does a splendid job on the back too.

There is only one level of recline – which is totally fine for most users. Clearly, the price is on the high-end of the scale. But if you can afford it – you won’t find a better massage chair anywhere.

The full body stretching and the various massage techniques that cover your entire body will leave you feeling relieved and on top of the world – no matter how tense your muscles were at the beginning. You’ll improve your blood circulation and that will help open up blocked blood vessels. Life is short. If you want to treat yourself and your family to the ultimate gift – this is it.

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We’ve kicked the tires on a lot of different massage chairs and learned a lot in the process. Somewhere in this article, we’ve mentioned a massaging chair that is perfect for you. Which one is it? Well, that’s a personal decision. You can’t really go wrong here. Our overall number one pick is this massage chair. If budget is less of an issue and you want the best massage chair money can buy – we recommend this beauty. And if you’re looking for a gift, this is perfect!

* * * *

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