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New Foot Spas can ease tired feet and relax the whole body

Tired Feet? Try a Foot Spa or Foot Massager

by Kathie FitzPatrick

Tired feet? Try a Foot Spa or Massager

Do you often suffer from tired aching feet? The best remedy is massaging, kneading or bubbling hydrotherapy ideally with jets. Not everyone has a dedicated friend, lover or husband to rub tried feet. The answer is the Foot Spa or Foot Massager. They come in two basic types: dry heat massage or bubbling hydrotherapy. Check out the selections here, and treat yourself to spa sessions for your feet meant for a queen!

Shiatsu Foot Spas

Shiatsu is a well know name in massage of the whole body, (massage chairs and recliners) as well as foot spas and massagers. Let’s take a look at some of their foot spa models:

Shiatsu Bubbling Foot Spa

This Shiatsu foot Spa massages the entire foot area, ankles, toes, and arches! Ideal for both athletes and people who work on their feet. Enjoy the three massage modes in various frequencies. This unit has 16 massage balls plus an automatic maize roller to target tense tired soles and relieve fatigue. This unit comes with easy-to-use tank and mover wheels. Fits size up to US-15. Set timers for best results for you and your idea water temperature. The massage bubbles will soothe you and soak away redness and soreness. Try adding some fragrant relaxing oils as well!

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Relax your feet with a Foot Spa

Giantex Foot Spa Bath-Shiatsu Roller with Massage Points

The Giantex Shiatsu Foot Spa-Brown

This foot spa has auto massage rollers that can fully massage every acupuncture point on your soles! Ideal for those who stand or walk a lot at work or in sports. The water temperature can be adjusted to your comfort levels between 35 degrees C and 48 degrees C. Thi unit is 30% more energy efficient than many other models . There is a medicine box which you can use to enhance your experience with the hydro massage with medicine or fragrant oils. This unit comes with an automatic drain pipe for easy care.
There are three power settings 300W. 400W, and 500W to allow your faster heating and then maintain the best temperature. Relieve pressure, promote your best circulation and even enjoy better sleep. Be sure to get your Shiatsu Foot Massage tub today!

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Quinear Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat Compression

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Great to improve circulation and relieves tiredness and fatigue! This QUINEAR foot massager combines the technology of Shiatsu massage, kneading action, compression massage and heating function all in one action together. Helps relieve your foot pain, circulation, reducing feet exhaustion and promoting better sleep. It is possible to relax the whole body through massaging the acupoints on the soles of our feet.
This kneading action resembles the human hands action of foot massage. The INTIMATE ACTUAL “HUMAN HANDS” FOOT MASSAGE – The ergonomic design provides kneading & Shiatsu massage from toes to heels to cover all points. 6 compression intensities, 2 kneading speeds and 2 massage modes available can be adjusted to personal preference. 2 levels of soothing heat function can be controlled independently


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Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat – 6 Shiatsu Massage Rollers

Get Your Foot Spa Massager

This delightful Foot Spa is equipped with 6 powered massage rollers, bubbles, heat mode and a gentle callus remover. Enjoy this mini-luxury spa therapy in the comfort of your own home. This easy to use foot massager features three different modes you can easily adjust on the LCD screen which provides special features from bubbles to heating modes. You can improve circulation, relieve your tired body and soften your skin with your favorite oils. Easy to use with a press of a button. Can drain and store after the spa is done, and use the cover for dust free storage. Enjoy for yourself or give this foot spa for any occasion!

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