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Discover the secrets of Japanese Skin Care

The Best Japanese Skin Care & Cosmetic Products of 2024

By Kathie FitzPatrick


It’s widely known that Japanese women are recognized for their smooth beautiful and radiant skin. What are some of their secrets that can be widely appreciated by all?

You only need to exfoliate once per week, or maybe twice if your skin is on the oily side of the spectrum. Use a natural exfoliator and remember to be gentle! At Home Macrodermabrasion is an option.

Japanese women who know good skin care believe in a simple approach in an effective skin care routine. They do not believe in multi-step lotions, but instead each product exercises a single benefit, but accomplishes its purpose extremely well.


They believe you must be careful and gentle, and respect your skin. In the Japanese culture taking good care of the skin is seen as a sign of self love and care rather than an act of vanity.

The skin is a fragile organ of the body. If you want to have beautiful and radiant skin, it takes regular care and respect. Skin care is seen as a single component of overall health and well-being. Part of the philosophy of Japanese skin care is that it doesn’t make any sense to take great care of your skin if you are not taking care of your body in a total health concept as well.


Japanese skin care experts believe in taking a total body health approach to beautiful skin.


Some total body health steps that will ultimately help the health of your skin as well are:

 * Get at least 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night. This means sleeping well, sleeping soundly. If you are not, try taking Melatonin before retiring, 3 to 6 mgs. is suggested. You will know which dose is right for you according to how well you sleep.

  Smoking damages skin, and actually enhances wrinkles. So, do your best to quit smoking!

  * Find ways to beat stress, and feel more rested and confident throughout your day. If you are still short on sleep try this remedy: Relax in a warm tub of bath water with comforting oils, bubble bath, epsom salts for 20 minutes. It is equal to two hours of sleep. You will feel so much better after doing this. Complete your skin care routine to face the world looking and feeling so much better!

* Exercise at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 times week. Get up from your computer chair and take a brisk 20 minute walk. When you return to work you will feel and look more refreshed.

* Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and salads often, daily if possible.  Your skin needs these nutrients. Switch out coffee for green tea and wild honey. Drink plenty of purified water 6-8 glasses a day. Add ice and squeezed fresh lemons, which is an internal cleansing agent.

* * * *


Japanese women believe in a skin care routine that has a certain number of steps for ultimate success.

rsz_young_asian_woman_with_hat.jpg January 21, 2019


Want to have skin that’s as dewy and smooth as a picture perfect beautiful Geisha girl? Follow these important steps and you’ll have skin that glows like the morning sunrise and the proverbial Japanese lantern!


The first step in a Japanese skin care routine is to use a high quality oil-based cleanser to remove all of your makeup from the day, and other skin care products still laying on the surface of your skin. Cleansing oils are not only wonderful as they are super gentle, but wash off all the concealer, moisturizer, and sunscreen that’s built up on your skin.

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Use a foaming cleanser for the second round.

rsz_woman_with_soap_foam_on_hands.jpg January 21, 2019
The two step cleaning concept is part of the Japanese skin care routine

Now that all the makeup and skin care products have been removed, you need to cleanse your skin further. Double-cleansing is very important! The first round removes products to leave your skin bare, and the second one removes dirt and clears your pores to leave it really clean.

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You only need to exfoliate once per week, or maybe twice if your skin is on the oily side of the spectrum. Use a natural exfoliator and remember to be gentle! At Home Macrodermabrasion is also an option.

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There are about a quite a few different ways to mask. While Japanese skin care routines normally call for a simple sheet mask, feel free to get creative with your mask.

Have some extra cucumbers or avocados lying around? Want to get rid of the last bit of yogurt or oatmeal in the container? Put it all to use with a natural facial mask!

Woman creates a home made mask from natural ingredients

Masking is another step that you don’t need to do every day. Once or twice per week is plenty. Also, it’s smart to experiment with different types of masks to meet your skin’s specific needs. Every woman’s skin is different, so find what works best for you. Explore the wide variety of masks such as clay masks.

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 Not sure about using a toner? Toners balance your skin’s pH level and prep your skin for the rest of your routine. Just make sure to use one that’s alcohol-free for best results.

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This step is unique to a Japanese skin care routine. In fact, softeners (as they’re sometimes called) are relatively unknown in the Western world. We usually refer to this step as moisturizing, making your skin soft and supple! Skin softeners are a slightly different variety of softening application. It’s one of those Japanese skin secrets.

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Serums contain most of the active ingredients and vitamins that you’ll give to your skin. Look for serums with hyaluronic acid to fight wrinkles and plenty of vitamins for healthy skin. In particular, try to find a serum with lots of vitamin C and retinol (a concentrated vitamin A molecule). And if you want your serum to pack an extra punch, use one that aids collagen production. This is the powerful skin combo to look for in a serum.

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In case you haven’t heard yet, collagen is one of the most essential proteins for your skin’s health. To maximize collagen production while you sleep and over time, wear SiO Beauty patches every night before you go to bed.

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A quick note about moisturizers: they’re meant to lock hydration and moisture in, rather than actually provide your skin cells with hydration. If you have dehydrated skin, you’ll need to treat that as a separate issue before applying a moisturizer.

Since they keep hydration sealed in, moisturizers should always go on after the toner, softener, and serum in your Japanese skin care routine.

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A small amount of eye cream goes a long way in fighting eye lines and other little wrinkles around your eyes sometimes known as “crowsfeet.”  You’ll want to find an eye cream with hyaluronic acid and plenty of vitamins (specifically vitamins A and E). And make sure that you’re applying your eye cream the right way. Be sure to dab on gently. No harsh rubbing.

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This step only applies to your morning beauty routine, but it’s one that is essential. The sun’s UV rays are always with us. The UV rays can cause real harm to your skin cells and can even lead to serious illnesses, even skin cancer.  There’s a reason why you see those classic pictures of Japanese women carrying those pretty umbrellas when it’s bright and sunny out!

It’s wise to apply a layer of sunscreen on every, morning as a protection Even when it’s cloudy, UV rays are still present.

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Last, but certainly not least, wearing SiO Beauty patches is an essential step in your evening beauty routine. Made from the finest medical-grade silicone, SiO Beauty patches work wonders on your skin while you sleep.

Simply apply them at the end of your evening skin care routine, get your beauty rest, and wake up to younger-looking and refreshed skin.

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Japanese Facial Products –

Top Favorites – Japanese Skin Care

1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil 6.7 Fluid oz

DHC Deep Yet Gentle Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Deep Cleaning oil to remove impurities. The first step in the two part facial cleansing process.

Your DHC essential “Must have it” product is a set that includes a medium size Deep Cleansing Oil and a Velvet Skin Mini.
In a widespread clinical study conducted among women, 92% of the participants agreed that the Deep Cleaning Oil worked better for them than a leading face cleanser at removing complexion makeup. Amazingly enough, one Deep Cleansing Oil is sold every 10 seconds in the worldwide market.
The Velvet Skin Coat in a perfect convenient travel size is a ideal way to introduce yourself or others to the best selling DHC makeup primer.

I re-emphasize: one DHC Cleansing Oil is sold every 10 seconds worldwide. Impressive. Be sure to order yours today!

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* * * *

2. Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder wash 0.4g 32 pieces

A Favorite companion cleansing product

High quality cleansing agent, even for problem skin. Really great for oily skin.

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One of the customers stated in the reviews that she liked the product as she had sensitive skin, and it felt light and freshly cleaned face her face.Very mild. “Love it,” she stated.

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You can explore other Kanebo Products here

Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Day Cream – SPF 251.7 ounce

Experience this elegant day cream to ‘silkin’ your skin. Extravagant! Maintain ultra moisture on the surface of your skin! Look dewy as never before!

Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Day Cream

Buy your exquisite Kanebo Day Cream here on Amazon

Discover the wide variety of Japanese Kanebo skin care products from cleansing creams to masks.

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* * * *

3. Nooni Snowflake Whipping Cleanser

So Soft Nooni Whipped Facial Cleanser

Quality skin care at an affordable price. Silky skin cleanser, gentle, great for all skin types. Enriched with anti-aging Pearl Power. Women love how this feels. Feel the difference for yourself!

Discover silky soft whipped Nooni skin cleanser for yourself. Buy here on Amazon

* * * * *

4. SK 11 Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Essence – Japanese Skin Care

Recommended for all skin types. Renews and regenerates the skin.

This product helps boost cell metabolism to energize the skin.
It is known to replenish the skin with exceptional moisture, and also lightens and eliminates blemishes helping to even out skin tone. Get a whole new glowing complexion!

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* * * * *

5. Naturie Hatamugi Skin Conditioning Gel

Skin conditioning treatment, really great especially for dry skin. Manufactured in Japan, Naturie Hatamugi Skin Conditioning gel is soft and gentle on the skin. Enjoy the skin-firming and moisturizing effects of the product.

Naturie Hatamugi Skin Conditioning Gel can be purchased here

6. Shiseido Future Solution Lx Total Regenerating Cream.

A quality Japanese moisturizer fights against fine lines and wrinkles. Specifically, very fine night cream that helps smooth prematurely aging skin and wrinkles and helps with the skin’s firmness. Users say that it improves the skin with an abundance of moisture. Comes in various sizes.

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7.  Kose Sekkisei Lotion, 12.1 Fluid Ounce

Get your Kose Kekkisei Lotion here now

Refines skin facial texture, and prevents dryness. Experience a more smooth, supple complexion.

Good for clarifying and brightening the skin. Helps diminish the appearance of acne scars. Comes in a medicated solution as well. See the variety of formulas offered on Amazon.

8. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Night Cream, 1.7 oz

Get your amazing Shiseido Benefiance Winkle Resist 24 Night Cream here

Emulsion products are popular in Japanese skin care.

This product is a high-performance anti-aging overnight night time moisturizer formulated with Hypercom extract to promote process of anti-skin roughening. In the morning the skin is fresher, sleeker and brighter. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist Night Cream is a high quality night time skin emulsion product.

9.  Annesso Perfect UV Sunscreen

Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster SPF 50+ PA This is a favorite sunscreen with users worldwide. Women say it’s light, and can be easily worn under makeup. Users say it helps keep even skin tone.

Perfect sunblock to prevent over browning or sunburn. Feels light. Manufactured in Japan.

Enjoy the outdoors by protecting your skin with high quality sunscreen

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11. Minon Facial Mask

Improves texture of the skin with natural nutrients. Comes in wraps that are easy to use. Safe for all skin types. Users feel refreshed after using them. Comes in various sizes.

Enjoy these refreshing wraps. Buy here on Amazon

12. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate Serum 50ml.

You can get your very own Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate Serum here

Protects the skin from outside damage. A high quality skin serum that infuses nutrients into the skin to help fight lines and wrinkles, a Japanese Skin Care favorite.

* * * *



Emulsion Skin Care

Emulsions are a lighter version of a moisturizing cream designed to blend water particles into the skin. They differ from heavy face creams in that they are water based. To be healthy, the skin needs water molecules incorporated into the skin cells. Think of flowers in a vase of water looking fresh.  Emulsion based moisturizers also absorb quickly into the skin, and may need more than one application. Ideally, they are designed as a moisture lock, Emulsions are an in between step between serums and creams.

For individuals with oily skin emulsions can be a great option. The fact that they are lighter, water based and absorb quickly really works out well for the oily skin type. For other skin types, the degree of moisture in the product used may need to be heavier to well suit the best treatment for medium to dry skins.

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Cosme Proud Gold Revitarich Emulsion (Step 5) – 30g

Women love this product and say it retains high levels of moisture on the skin. In Japan this product is considered a true alternative to cosmetic surgery.

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Albion Exage White Cellular Cream- 30g size

Outstanding light weight moisturizer that plumps skin at the cellular level. A sheer daytime moisturizer that can be worn under makeup.

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COSME DECORTE Cellgenie Emulsion White ER 6.7 oz – 200 ml size

Be sure to enjoy this high quality emulsion cream toner for yourself. Buy here on Amazon!

You will be sure to enjoy this Japanese emulsion product on your skin. This product comes in two styles and slightly different sizes:This high quality cream toner comes from Japan.

SK Il, SK2 Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (toner) 160 ml, 5.33 oz

Click here to buy your Japanese SK2 Facial treatment toner on Amazon

This is a facial toner that removes additional impurities and tightens and smooths out large pores giving a more refined look.
This cream formula promotes a healthy skin surface that acts as a base for your skin care routine to achieve radiant looking skin. Suitable for all skin types


Japanese skin care routines and products have been shown to create excellent results in skin texture and anti-aging. These quality skin care routines and products should be explored and appreciated by every one!


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