Her Spa Place is a site dedicated to discovering  great skin care, greater health techniques, exercise and relaxation tips.  Here at Her Spa Place we will be discovering and sharing the latest products that promote these for greater enhancement to our lives. . . and all for home use.

For example, these days, along with great facial cleansers, moisturizers and serums to enhance beautiful skin, we have the latest high tech skin care tools such as hand held lasers, microcurrent machines, microdermabrasion machines and Red Light Therapy machines. In the past women had to pay some serious money in a dermatologist’s office or expensive spa for these treatments.

Now, these glamour secrets are for more  than just the elite women such as movie stars or the very rich. These user friendly at home machines can assist by doing everything from firming facial muscles, to erasing fine lines and wrinkles, to fading scars or even eliminating scars, and curing acne. The machines can be used on other parts of the body as well. Some machines are especially for permanent hair removal. from the face and body. Some are to increase hair growth on head…with amazing results in most people who are not completely bald. It’s all become much easier in the high technology world in which we live.

Also needed in this high technology and fast paced world in which we live in is a need to learn and experience a greater level of relaxation.  This is important for both physical health and mental health.  An exploration if such delightful products and tools such as massager chairs, massage tables, relaxation oils, and foot spas will  available to read about and purchase to use at home. Coming will also be an exploration of exercise machines and Pilates machines for women as well.

So stay tuned. As we develop, we will have a lot to explore and share here, and it’s all just for you to help in enhance your life, your health and your beauty as never before!